StyleShoots Eclipse Machine

Eclipse Machine Small Product Photography

Our Eclipse machine is our go to for small to medium sized products across almost any category. Originally designed for shoes, bags and accessories this automated multi-axis machine shoots stills and video recording and editing and then producing ready-to-export files within minutes. 

Capturing every angle with 4-axis of robotic camera movement. 10-zone LED lighting, customised templates, all software controlled through its own dedicated iPad™ and intuitive operating system this ergonomically designed machine is a powerhouse of productivity.  Once your video and still templates have been created Eclipse shoots in sequence automatically shooting every aspect perfectly. Videos are automatically edited by the software whilst Eclipse simultaneously captures all your still life imagery in beautiful harmony.

If creativity is your thing then Eclipse translates perfectly with an easy to style backstage and custom coloured backgrounds to suit any brand aesthetic. Create engaging content to use across social and product stills and video to take the customer to the point of purchase.

Our spin? Detail-oriented customers gain confidence by inspecting previously unseen elements of your products. Viewing more sides of the product increases their trust of your brand or products, removes lingering doubt and adds a unique interactive element to your website to keep people shopping for longer. Video increases conversion and is proven to lower product returns

StyleShoots Live Machine

Live Machine from StyleShoots at Asset factory Photography Studio

Our Live Machine captures still life photos and video of incredible quality, utilising the same user friendly software application. Live’s dedicated iPad™puts the user in control allowing the photoshoot to be directed in perfect symmetry to your brand guidelines and aesthetic.

Choose from pre-set video edits or create your own photo style, then adjust the lighting to suit the size of each subject. Your studio lighting, recording settings and file types can be saved then quickly re-loaded when changing between models or recalled at your next Asset Factory visit for complete consistency.

Live contains a customisable Skylight with 6 high-CRI LED panels to illuminate the backdrop to control grading and the foreground to control shadow. The vertically-aligned Striplights either side control the subject lighting. All software controlled through the same intuitive and simple iPad™ 

The stage is now yours. Style the Live Machine to achieve the best art direction for your content’s final purposes and your brand. Choose a clean and simple set with your choice of paper roll backdrops for e-commerce imagery or bring something more adventurous for campaign imagery. Hang fabric, floral walls or printed photographic scenes. You can prop the stage and lay flooring, create room sets..the options are endless.

StyleShoots Vertical Machine

Photography Studio Ideas -Vertical Machine from StyleShoots at Asset Factory Photography Studio Auckland

The Vertical is our mannequin machine loved by our fashion and apparel customers. Capturing all your garments for online and PR. Similar to our Horizontal machine, Vertical has a dedicated iPad™ with live view showing the product in all its glory prior to a finger tap on the iPad™where the software and backlit glass work in harmony to clear cut your photo automatically.

With software controlled LED lighting surrounds the product with the inclusion of a necklight to light the inside of the neckline or waistline of your garments. The finished result provides what is often referred to as the ‘hollow man’ effect, providing a 3D visual effect to the garment. This is brought into greater effect with our amazing mannequins. Their magnetic modular sections detach with ease to work with complicated garments. Used by leading e-commerce brands the combination of our Vertical machine and Ghost Mannequins are an indispensable combination.

With a built in barcode scanner naming your images is managed automatically. Alternatively key in specific product names of your choice or talk to our team about creating QR codes that you can then use to streamline this process even further. Our professional series Canon camera and Canon ‘L’ series lens take care of the quality and are controlled via the iPad™. Export your files in your choice of file type and size. Countless photography studio ideas available. Time to be bold!

StyleShoots Horizontal Machine

Photography Studio Ideas -Asset Factory Photography Studio, photo of the Horizontal Flat Lay Machine from StyleShoots

For those products best shown from above. The Horizontal machine is our flat lay machine. A large table capable of photographing products measuring up to 1110 x 1650mm and surrounded by colour balanced and software controlled LED lights. The imaging is taken care of with the built in professional series Canon camera and Canon ‘L’ series lens. The backlit glass bed works in conjunction with the software to automatically create perfectly clear cut photos.

Like all our other machines, the dedicated iPad™ and software allows for a super easy operating experience so the stylist can focus on the product. Overlays can be saved allowing our returning customers to style their products consistently every time, with the ability to save custom presets and export files to any number of file formats and sizes. The software will even apply custom digital shadows to ground your products with complete control over blur, opacity and offset.

‘Horizontal’ is at waist height, and ergonomically designed. Complicated flat-lays and tricky products can be handled at an ergonomic height, allowing for efficient image production throughout the day. 

You can set the scene here too and stylise the look with fabrics, paper or props to create beautiful creative flat lays to showcase your products.

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