The Eclipse Machine

Our Eclipse machine is our go to for medium and small product photography across almost any category. Originally designed for shoes, bags and accessories this automated multi-axis machine shoots stills and video recording and editing and then producing ready-to-export files within minutes. 

Capturing every angle with 4-axis of robotic camera movement. 10-zone LED lighting, customised templates, all software controlled through its own dedicated iPad™ and intuitive operating system this ergonomically designed machine is a powerhouse of productivity.  Once your video and still templates have been created Eclipse shoots in sequence automatically shooting every aspect perfectly. Videos are automatically edited by the software whilst Eclipse simultaneously captures all your still life imagery in beautiful harmony.

If creativity is your thing then Eclipse translates perfectly with an easy to style backstage and custom coloured backgrounds to suit any brand aesthetic. Create engaging content to use across social and product stills and video to take the customer to the point of purchase.

Our spin? Detail-oriented customers gain confidence by inspecting previously unseen elements of your products. Viewing more sides of the product increases their trust of your brand or products, removes lingering doubt and adds a unique interactive element to your website to keep people shopping for longer. Video increases conversion and is proven to lower product returns

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